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Our Collection

Design Competence within our Organisation

Whether elegant or classically sporty, COVER presents a collection in line with current trends. Tasteful design and clever composition of materials are COVER‘s trademarks. All of our models appeal to fashion-conscious people who attach importance to their personal style and at the same time want to wear affordable watch jewellery. The fact that the collection is geared to the market while still remaining independent is, on the one hand, due to consistent realisation of the editions and, on the other, to the company‘s internal designing department − which not only senses current trends but can itself actually set them. Thus unique pieces come about created by us on our own bit for bit, giving those who wear them a beautiful piece of individuality. The brand COVER is a manifestation of the joy of life.


Swiss made − the Specific

A Look behind the Scenes at the Watchmaker’s Studio

In these modern production rooms, a team of approximately forty employees from design, watchmaking and marketing work together to create our fashionable collections. In doing so, much is produced by hand, because human skill surpasses many a machine in this trade. Only high-quality movements from ETA or Ronda are used. COVER uses specially made tools to protect the case in optimum fashion when closed. An inspection of quality accompanies each working step and always takes place in two consecutive phases. An initial inspection of functioning and waterproofness ensures that only watches with flawless quality leave the studio. After a rest period of at least 24 hours, all COVER watches are again subjected to an intensive visual check and inspection of functioning and waterproofness. In this manner, everyone at COVER guarantees optimum results − as well as satisfied customers. Swiss made is thought very highly of all over the world for this.


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